The origin of this website basically stems from the BAD OR BAD PODCAST. It was just me and my buddy, Hury Alvarado, arguing about movies all the time. We thought we had a lot to say, more so than the average filmgoer so why not record it? We did. And we’ve kept going, picking up a few more people along the way. Whether or not it’s any good is up to you. We just needed an outlet. And here we are. – Leon Terra (@leonterra)

The BAD OR BAD podcast is a spoiler-filled discussion on selected major and minor released movies most notably in the SCI-FI and ACTION genre. As self-proclaimed cinephiles, join us as we attempt to break down and dissect from a movie: story, characters and development, special effects, cinematography, the score, etc.

In the podcast we explore what makes a movie bad (terrible) or bad (enjoyable) through our first-viewing experiences. We go to movies to be entertained and maybe gain more insight into this artform called filmmaking. A lot of times we just want to see someone kicking ass. In the end, we’re just guys that take movie watching a little too seriously sometimes.


Hury Alvarado | The Fanboy

Leon Terra | Sho-Kunin

Jarad Haselton | The Specialist

Chris Wood | Secrets

Chad Geer | The Nerdbomber